About Taal Madhurya Music Academy

"Taal Madhurya" was Founded by Mr.Vikram Pawar in 2013. "Taal Madhurya" is not only an music academy its an social revolution for students of music field. In this academy there are different music classes organized like Tabla, Dholaki and Mridingam, etc.





About Our Academy

                Taal Madhurya Music Academy is an music class and event management academy that has the strategic and operational capability to manage top-end entertainment shows and corporate events.

                 Our academy performs shows Dholaki Zali Bolki(DD Sahyadri), Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karenga(Sony TV), National School of Drama(as an musician), Ajintha-Verul Festival are just a few of the events participate by Taal Madhurya. With the growing importance of music in television shows, radio programming and entertainment events, it is a wide canvas of opportunities out there for musicians today. Driven by this idea, we looks to create an enabling, inspiring environment for budding musicians through "Taal Madhurya" Academy.

Our Mission and Vision

                Our mission is not only to teach music to a person but make them understand the depth of music. To educate, develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music.Music lessons should prepare the student for a lifetime of enjoying music--far beyond their years as a student.

                Learn how to play any song independently.Our vision is to see our students become well-rounded individuals who, even if they do not choose to make their career in music, maintain a lifelong passion for, and connection with, the arts.

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  • "It was an absolutely wonderful classes to learn the classical music instruments."

    D.B.Kachare  - C.A

  • “ Taal Madhurya has introduced several revolutionary products, besides distributing instrumental music creation in Maharashtra from across the India. This class take a incredable revolution in classical indian music. I hope they go further into the business, contributing to every musician's success.”

    Mr.Abhay Kulkarni ― Director, Geet Fullora

Ganesh Chavhan I have always drawn inspiration from these words of Swami Vivekananda "Music is the process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one's own feet. And that a teacher's sacred duty is to invoke the spirit of inquiry in his pupils."

"Taal Madhurya" trained me like that i can stand up on my feet in indian music industry from this class i got a different types of knowledge about music in easy way. for that i am thankfull to my guru Mr.Vikram Pawar

In the era of the Indian Classical Music Education has to face many challenges. Also, Indian Musicians would have to compete at international level. On this background it is essential that Music Classes Development undertakes innovative programmes by the Taal Madhurya to stoodup the students. I am proud to be student of Taal madhurya , from guruji i get that much education and knowladge of musical instruments so now i can camete with the national level compitetions . thank you and best luck Taal Madhurya for your bright future.